Omni Educational Services in Oakland, CA offers professional tutoring sessions from true experts in the classic disciplines of English grammar, literature, and writing. These are disciplines not always taught sufficiently, or even at all, in school. Alternatively, the student may be sufficiently instructed but need or desire much more proficiency – both for academic success and for college admissions. With experience and credentials in education and in English, we bring students through any difficulties by addressing individual needs, not by insisting on a uniform “program.” We are familiar with differences in particular Bay Area schools and with categories of school styles in general. We also have a vast library of resources, from classic literature to grammatical conventions to writing exercises and techniques. With these, and with experience in classroom teaching and individual tutoring, we develop personalized learning plans appropriate for the student’s learning format: public school, private school, or homeschool. 

Institutions of higher education utilize standardized testing and application processes that require proficiency in a broad range of subjects. While one segment of our services includes test preparation (SAT, ACT, AP), we have also found that many students benefit from overall instruction and training in reading critically and writing incisively. That foundation and that polish will benefit any student seeking academic excellence in school, in college, and in a career. In addition, as a full-service company, we can also assist any student needing math or science tutoring.

Our students are as young as Grade 5 and up to any age of adult. They also include students seeking ESL instruction. We are based in Oakland but provide in-person 1:1 services to the entire San Francisco Bay Area.

Call us to inquire about how we have helped both struggling and advanced students to reach their goals and how we will do the same for you.

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