Learning how different one college is from another was one of the surprises. She has an amazing amount of knowledge to share. I wouldn’t have had the time for that with my senior schedule. Her expertise about where to apply also saved me money with my merit aid applications and saved me time by helping me eliminate too many choices!

Roxanne P.


Roxanne received offers across the country, at private and public universities, including at several U.C.’s. She is pursuing a program in public policy with an environmental emphasis at her favorite U.C. campus

I consider myself a very confident person, but I was amazed at how even more confident I felt by the end of the admission season. She urged me not to hold back in my essays and not to minimize my accomplishments in my resume. She noticed things about me that none of my school counselors and no one in my family noticed. I felt that I learned so much about myself that it made my transition to college almost effortless. That was a result that I never expected.

Therese L.


Therese is exuberant about her political science major at Stanford and is already contemplating graduate school at a variety of prestigious institutions, domestically and overseas. She also obtained a political internship during her first year at Stanford.

At the beginning I had a lot on my plate. I wanted all the top colleges in the country. Senior Year was almost overwhelming with all the pressures and competition at my school, so many of my classmates wanting the same colleges as I did. She patiently helped me reduce my list — and my anxiety! And I especially benefited from her help with improving my essays! I’m certain I couldn’t have been admitted to a top 10 private university without that guidance. I’m very grateful.

Lin C.


Lin was offered a merit scholarship at a private university, was admitted to Berkeley, but accepted an offer at Stanford when she was moved from the waitlist in the Regular Round.

I found that the whole process was handled professionally and efficiently. She is very thorough. We were new to the admissions process; my daughter was very ambitious, and I was very unsure. The explanations were really important to my confidence in her. I couldn’t have been happier with her manner and her support of my daughter, including the positive results. She included me in all the planning and kept me informed of all her conversations with my daughter.

Connie C.


Parent of student admitted to several performing arts programs across the country.

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