College Consulting

With almost 5,000 degree granting institutions in the United States, it can be extremely difficult to determine which one will best fit your student’s needs. At Omni Educational Services in Oakland, CA, our goal is to provide professional college consulting to the greater Bay Area, to help you find the best institution. We firmly believe that The Privilege of Each Student is to Shape a Unique Destiny’ and our thorough counseling process helps your student achieve that destiny. 

Even if you are unsure of your current goals, or the type of career path you would like to follow, we can help you. We understand that making career decisions can be incredibly stressful for teens. At Omni Educational Services, we do not force you to make those decisions. Instead, we guide you through as many available options as possible so that when the time is right, you can make an informed decision based on your goals and needs.

Each college applicant is unique, and we will work with you on a continuing basis to ensure that you are prepared for the road ahead. We help you develop a plan for the future based on your goals, be they firm or tentative. 

We also provide college transfer consulting from both two- and four-year institutions.

To make your journey as successful and enjoyable as possible, we guide the student, beginning with simple self-assessment. (For students who need this, we offer a variety of assessment tools to help the student select a list, based on personal, academic and career factors.) We also offer abundant information about the colleges themselves, from acquired knowledge, recent changes at those colleges, visits we have made, and published material. The student eventually develops a list with many likely positive results. 

Students come to us from different stages of knowledge about college admissions and from a variety of personal backgrounds. While we recommend an early start to the journey, we have also helped students who began the process in the first semester of their senior year. Generally, the earlier the process is started, the more successful the outcome.

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