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Filling out multiple college applications, with their many “supplements,” is daunting and time-consuming. What exactly are these institutions looking for? What skills and achievements are most pertinent to the college? At Omni Educational Services, we provide college application assistance that answers these questions thoroughly. 

The most important aspect of the college application process is selection of the college list, but unfortunately it is often the aspect least attended to. Families often forget the most obvious goal of admissions, which is a positive result –or several — from the months and years of effort. We at OES encourage the student to form a list based on honest self-evaluation and realistic future goals, not a list based on what he or she assumes are the “only” colleges to seek, or colleges other students seek. The opportunities for academic advancement leading to career success in this country and abroad are virtually uncountable. Hence, our Mission Statement:

“The Privilege of Each Student is to Shape a Unique Destiny” ™

Along with college application help, we provide grammar and English tutoring that will help you write the strongest application possible. We work directly with you to be sure that your application is both persuasive and professional. 

No matter your current academic situation, our teachers and experts at Omni Educational Services will help you achieve the results you are looking for. Our private guidance counseling ensures that you receive the kind of personalized college application help that is not available at most high schools.

If you have any questions about college applications or admission requirements for specific institutions, our experts can provide the answers. We serve the entire San Francisco Bay Area. Give us a call today, and let us take the stress out of the college application process!

College Admissions Help

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