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about-1Omni Educational Services has offered college advising services since 2005. The owner came to the industry as a successful private, public, and independent educator in every academic format, from traditional schooling to alternative and home schooling.

Born and raised in the Bay Area, she is acquainted with every variant of student, from the highly driven to the introverted, from the intellectually and artistically gifted, to the student struggling to find his niche in high school and higher education.

In addition, she brings intimate knowledge of many Bay Area middle and high schools, with which she has enjoyed outstanding relationships with staff, to the task of planning for college admissions. She thoroughly enjoys the process of getting to know her students, and the plans and visions for their futures which inevitably become part of their college admissions profiles.

Encouraging student self-expression in college applications and essays is an area of particular strength. In addition, she enjoys comfortable relationships with parents and welcomes whatever level of input they desire in the search, coaching, refinement, presentation, and acceptance phases of college admissions. 

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