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College Consulting

With almost 5,000 degree granting institutions in the United States, it can be extremely difficult to determine which one will best fit your student’s needs. At Omni Educational Services in Oakland, CA.
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College Application Help

Filling out multiple college applications, with their many “supplements,” is daunting and time-consuming. What exactly are these institutions looking for? What skills and achievements are most pertinent?
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Omni Educational Services in Oakland, CA offers professional tutoring sessions from true experts in the classic disciplines of English grammar, literature, and writing. These are disciplines not always…
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We offer SAT, ACT and ESL tutoring to help you excel at required standardized admission tests!

Welcome to Omni Educational Services

Are you or your son/daughter in need of college application help? Are you unsure of how to optimize your application to give yourself the best chance for college acceptance? Omni Education Services is a college consulting and tutoring firm serving the entire San Francisco Bay Area, who can help your student with all of these challenges. We have helped hundreds of students choose the best colleges to serve their interests – and have helped those students to gain acceptance at the college of their choice.

We know just how difficult it can be to understand the college acceptance process, and we are here to help guide you through it. The college consulting experts at Omni Educational Services can help you gain a better understanding of what colleges are looking for, and how you can maximize your chance of gaining acceptance to the college of your choice.

From SAT and ACT tutoring to ESL and English tutoring, our staff is dedicated to helping you achieve your college goals. While you may not think that grades play a significant role in the ‘real world’, there is no doubt that they are an important consideration when choosing a college or university. Our tutoring services can help you improve your grades or sharpen your skills prior to the college application process.

At Omni Educational Services, we believe that ‘The Privilege of Each Student is to Shape a Unique Destiny” ™ and we will do everything in our power to help you accomplish that. From your very first meeting with us, we will help you create a plan to reach your higher education goals. Let Omni Educational Services help you achieve your college goals. Contact us today for more information.

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